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LW Garden

"The Paw Patch"

Growing Plants and Growing Minds

The Laurelwood "Paw Patch" learning garden is located next to the upper grade play structure. This 100% organic garden is intended to be used by all grades. Some of our long term goals include composting, integrating the science curriculum, nutrition education, and providing a welcoming outdoor space to learn.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the administrators and garden team worked with the district to install irrigation and hose outlets. Then, fruit trees were planted and raised garden beds were built. Soil was added, and students started our school's garden by planting a variety of flowering pollinator plants to attract bees, ladybugs, butterflies, and other insects needed to help a healthy garden produce.  Several fruit trees were installed. Then students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and on-site after-school care groups all contributed by planting a variety of fruits, vegetables, pollinators and succulents. We even have the beginnings of a fairy garden. Laying cardboard with a top layer of mulch for weed control is an ongoing endeavor. Many people from within the Laurelwood community have contributed to the care and keeping of this wonderful, outdoor classroom.

Some of the plants you'll find in the Paw Patch include squash, pumpkins, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, cucumbers, water melon, sunflowers, and more! 

Help Us Grow!

The support of our wonderful Laurelwood community is essential to making this hands-on learning environment successful. If you are interested in donating your time, expertise, or garden items please contact Mrs. Bricco via email ( if you'd like to join the LW garden team.

The Four C's of LW'S Garden

  1. Curriculum
  2. Community Collaboration
  3. Culinary
  4. Clean & Green

Garden Wish List

  1. Adult volunteers
  2. Trowels - order trowels
  3. Irrigation Drip Heads - order Drip Heads
  4. Watering Cans - order Watering Cans
  5. Seed Starter Trays - order Seed Starter Trays

Contact Us

Brenda Bricco
Lead Teacher

Robyn Alves
Garden Helper

Becky Castillo
Garden Helper